Protein Analyzer

Quantifying or identifying the absence or presence of proteins by directly measuring absorbance or fluorescence provides for fast, convenient results which are critical for biopharmaceutical and bioprocess applications.  Our protein analyzers are used primarily for chromatography and filtration applications.

CST’s Protein Analyzer are configured to measure the absorbance of protein concentrations at 260 nm, 280 nm exclusively or at two wavelengths simultaneously which provides users with a more accurate concentration estimate.  We can also measure at 880 nm for turbidity filtration applications.   Monitoring protein concentrations by measuring their absorbance is an excellent method because it is rapid, simple, and nondestructive to the sample.

The Protein Analyzer can also be configured to make fluorescence measurements of low concentrations of proteins without the need for dyes or labeling.  This is achieved by utilizing the intrinsic fluorescence of proteins.  CST’s Front Surface Fluorescence Probe coupled with a PX2+ Photometer makes for a robust, highly sensitive, and non-invasive analyzer capable of continuously and accurately measuring protein concentrations.

CST’s Protein Analyzers are designed for continuous, real-time monitoring of protein concentrations.

Other wavelengths available upon request!